Refactoring by Martin Fowler funny passages

I was reading Refactoring by Martin Fowler and I found some funny passages.
They are funnier in context, but nevertheless, here they are:

We are switching over to “we” in this chapter to reflect the fact that Kent and I wrote this chapter jointly. You can tell the difference because the funny jokes are mine and the others are his.

a class with too much code is prime breeding ground for duplicated code, chaos, and death.

Trying to understand why a variable is there when it doesn’t seem to be used can drive you nuts.

Some people consider any method chain to be a terrible thing. We are known for our calm, reasoned moderation. Well, at least in this case we are.

We may not be prudes when it comes to people, but we think our classes should follow strict, puritan rules.

Refactoring means you never have to say you’re sorry—you just fix it.

You don’t want to get in the situation of the two guys whose car stops near the top of a hill. They get out to push, one on each end of the car. After a fruitless half-hour the guy in front says, “I never thought pushing a car downhill would be so hard.” To which the other guy replies, “What do you mean ’downhill’?”

A client of ours once started a project with two absolute principles the developers had to follow: (1) you must use Java, (2) you must not use objects. We may laugh, but although Java is an object-oriented language, there is more to using objects than calling a constructor.

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